Daemon Tools Lite 10.11 (with SPTD 2.11)

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Daemon Tools Lite is a free program that allows you to create virtual optical drives in the system, in which you can successfully mount disc images stored on disk. The program allows you to create four emulated drives in a single system. The most important advantage of the application is the ability to overcome most of the security measures in CDs and DVDs. DAEMON Tools works in "tray" in the right down corner of the screen, what does not interfere with daily use of your computer, and restarting the programme is very simple.

Daemon Tools Lite is based on the small use of system resources and provides a stable work - compared to the actions of actual optical drives. An interesting option is the ability to create copies of CDs and DVDs. The program allows you to rip format disc images to hard disk, and protect them with a password. Of course, it also works the other way, and the program allows you to burn images stored on the actual media. However, to do this you need to install another application - Astroburn.

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Wersja10.11 (with SPTD 2.11)

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