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FlashGet is a download manager on the Internet. It is bases on HTTP, FTP, and RTSP. It is available as Freeware and only for Windows systems. The main task of the program is to manage the downloading of multiple files at the same time from multiple sites. The program allows you the retention and transfer resume with no data loss. The program also allows you to share files in a number of small parts, so the transfer becomes significantly faster.

FlashGet functionality includes proxy support and settings of the speed transfer. In addition, each file can be saved in a separate folder. In the program also becomes possible to set so-called mirror files - in case of failure of the primary server, the files will be continue downloaded from the alternative location. The program also provides a schedule of tasks, so the user can set the time when the date should be downloaded and then plan to turn off the computer. The program also supports bittorrent network, and eMule.

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