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Dropbox is a program that allows you to connect to the service of the same name. The purpose of Dropbox is files storage in the cloud (on the server). These files are reflected in the form of files stored by the user in a special folder. File synchronization is done automatically when it detects a difference between the files on the disk, and files on Dropbox servers. Stored files on the disk are marked with a special icon, so you know if it has already been synchronized.

Dropbox program is available in versions for all popular system platforms. It is based on the Python programming language and uses very few system resources. The application runs in the background, and you can access to by clicking the icon in the system tray. The program has an option - automatically import and uploading to the cloud images from a variety of devices connected to the computer. Dropbox is a convenient solution for storing the same data on different computers - thanks to it can be done very easily and simultaneously.

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