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Adobe Flash Player is an free extension to all popular website browsers which allows you to open files stored in the Flash format. Thanks to the Adobe Flash Player, it is possible to open multimedia web applications, games and animation. One of the popular applications of Flash has an ability to play movies and music on Youtube website.

Other versions of Adobe Flash Player are deprived of errors that have been found in the previous parts. What is more, they offer more possibilities and offer better operation. There have been removed problems concerning security, software (especially when it comes to Internet interfaces).

Adobe Flash Player is not just a browser add-on. It is also a player that also allows you self-opening Swf files stored on your computer. It can be multimedia presentations, simple games or even computer programmes which use music, video and animations.

Adobe Flash Player uses vector graphic as a basis for its action. It works opposite to raster graphic - it means that Flash Player enables high scalability of the image without clear damage of quality.

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