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Alcohol 120% is a convenient and easy to use application that allows you to do most activities concerning CD, DVD & Blu-ray disc burning. The program allows you to create your own compilation and supports most of the recorders available on the market. In addition, the application provides the function of virtual drives emulator. Alcohol 120% has a very low system requirement, which satisfy the owners of older equipment.

Alcohol 120% can handle most formats which allow you to save the images of optical discs. This application can be successfully used for virtual carriers downloads, for example, from the Internet. Interestingly, the program allows you to create disc images from any files from your hard disk. These images can be burned later into physical carrier.

The program requires at least a few gigabytes of free space on your hard drive. The program is available in the trial version which allows you to use it only for 15 days.

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