Ares 2.4.9

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Ares is an application that allows you to download files on the BitTorrent network. It is a P2P program, which has a built-in player of downloaded files. In the program, it is possible to browse files which are not completed downloaded, and share your own data. All files are divided into categories. Ares chooses the files which have the largest sources (most of them are available) and makes the download process much faster.

The application has some interesting features: multiple files search in tabs, the use of the selected proxy, users banning and also change the look of the program. Ares has built-in skins, which allow you to freely modify the appearance of the program. An additional feature of Ares is a social chat which allows communicating directly with the person who download file from you.

During using Ares you have to remember about the local law, saying that sharing someone else files is forbidden.

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