FreeCommander XE 2019 Build 790a

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FreeCommander XE is a convenient file manager, which is an alternative to Windows Explorer. The program displays the folders and files in two windows and allows you to take operations between them. The program has a standard file handling options, and allows browsing files, binary and text. Although the application has a graphical interface, it also provides a command line DOS.

The purpose of the program FreeCommander XE is more advanced work with the file system of Windows - so the application will be appreciated for users who are looking for a better and more developed solutions than a standard Windows application.

FreeCommander XE has many additional features such as a complete removal of files from the hard disk (without possibility to restore them), checksum verification, and sharing data into a number of smaller files and comparing the contents of multiple folders with each others. The program also allows you to synchronize data between selected folders and allows you to adjust the look of the programme.

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Wersja2019 Build 790a

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