Notepad++ 7.7.1

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Notepad++ is an extended version of the famous Windows Notepad. The program is equipped with numerous functions, allowing manipulating text easier. Notepad++ was developed in C++ language using WinAPI. There are many language versions. The application is particularly useful for programmers, because there is the syntax highlighting option in most of popular programming languages.

Notepad++ allows you to create your own rules of written code syntax highlighting and offers auto-complete text. However, the strength of the program lies in extensions (plugins) which can be installed in it. Thanks the application the programme can become into a program thanks which you can connect to FTP servers and the window where you can edit the source code of websites "live".

The program has a card system that allows opening multiple files simultaneously. The application is a minimalist and has low system requirements, so it can be used on older computers comfortably.

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