The GIMP 2.10.14

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The GIMP is a graphical application, which is a free alternative to paid Photoshop. The program using raster graphics and it has all the necessary work tools, such as brush, wand, zoom, filling, text, deleting, pasting and copying and lots more. Noteworthy is especially brush as the GIMP main tool - there are many powerful plugins, offering advanced capabilities of that drawing instrument.

The GIMP provides users with layers and channels, providing comfort of working. Layering provides security - you cannot accidentally destroy a piece of the project and all of its elements are edited separately. The program also allows you to mark an image in many ways - whether it is using special Bezier curves or through the use of QuickMask tools (it automatically marks a certain area).

The GIMP is not just a graphical tool – an interesting feature is also creating animations in the cage format. You can then save the animation in GIF or AVI.

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