Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6

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The package of Apache OpenOffice is one of the most popular office software, used instead of paid and the most popular Microsoft Office. The software is geared for quick responses and safety. In the new versions are plenty of improvements, for example, data encryption, and the number of data which can be operated simultaneously. The product is becoming more compatible with its prototype - Microsoft Office. Interestingly, successfully it supports Ms Office file formats, such as. Docx.

In the program, the users can find all popular modules which are available in similar applications like word processor - OpenOffice Writer (it included lots of formatting options and ways of text improving, for instance putting graphics into text files, create tables and charts), OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet (numerous formulas and functions, ease of use and there is a possibility to download data from the Internet), a program to manage databases called OpenOffice Base (it generates reports, and creates queries), a program for creating multimedia presentations called OpenOffice Impress (it supports vector graphics) and OpenOffice Draw graphics application (it processes of different data formats and advanced tools).

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