LibreOffice 6.3.2

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LibreOffice is an alternative programme to Microsoft Office and OpenOffice office, characterized by open source and high compatibility with the competition. The package includes programs which allow you to write a text, make a presentation in the form of slide shows.

There are also spreadsheets, graphics, mathematical expressions and various diagrams. The main difference between LibreOffice and competition is different appearance of the application package as well as various options for formatting the data.

LibreOffice is present in 110 languages and it is available for the three major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The package has typical modules, equivalent to well-known Microsoft Office applications: Writer (word processor), Calc (creating and editing spreadsheets), Impress (multimedia presentations), Draw (vector drawing), Math (writing mathematical formulas) and Base (database support). Interestingly, in the Draw application there is not only possible to take an action on the graphics, but also you can create diagrams.

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