Mozilla Firefox 70.0.1

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Mozilla Firefox is a popular Internet browser with open source. This program is created by volunteers who want to support the project. Interestingly, the browser has over 40% market share in Poland. Firefox Strength lies not in the rendering engine or extraordinary speed - on the contrary, the application seems to be quite low in options. Module’s expansion shows the true power of the browser. Thanks to external plugins which can be found on the internet, Firefox becomes an extended Internet browser with unlimited possibilities.

Mozilla Firefox is based on the Gecko rendering engine websites. It supports all the rules of the W3C, as well as HTML5 and CSS3 language. The program provides bookmarking and tabs and makes Internet browsing really easy. The program can also cooperate with download manager.

There is also available dividing into the standard options available from the menu, as well as advanced options available after entering the appropriate command in the address bar.

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