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Google Chrome is currently one of the most popular web browsers. It is available for free, but its code is closed (it is based on the open source- Chromium project). The application sparingly manages of system resources, especially a hard disk memory. The program allows you to open web pages quickly and predict a user's operations in network. In addition, it has the latest innovations when it comes to rendering - HTML5 and CSS3. The application currently uses Blink engine, as well as the JavaScript engine called V8.

In Google Chrome bookmarks system is available, as well as themes - it enables you to adjust the appearance and colour of the browser to the user's preferences. The most important feature of Google Chrome is the ability to install extensions, available for free in the online store (webstore).

Thanks to enlargement unimaginable become possible and the possibilities of the browser become much more extend - some of the extras are full-fledged applications like word processor, spreadsheet, or even a DVD video / audio player.

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